Sonoro & The Mash-Up Americans release new show Love & Noreabang

First of its kind K-Drama and Telenovela series features Randall Park, Justin H.Min, Francia Raisa & Emily Tosta

Sonoro, a groundbreaking global entertainment company, and The Mash-Up Americans, a trailblazing independent creative studio, have released their highly anticipated new series Love & Noraebang available today on all platforms. Featuring Randall Park (Fresh Off The Boat) and Justin H. Min (The Umbrella Academy), Francia Raísa (How I Met Your Father, Grown-ish) and Emily Tosta (Mayans M.C.), the collaboration brings together two of the biggest TV formats in the world, the K-drama and telenovela, resulting in a never-before-seen, brilliant romantic comedy that unites two scintillating worlds, the vibrant Korean and Mexican communities which make up so much of the United States.

Set in present day Los Angeles, the ten-part romantic comedy chronicles the whirlwind romance between the heir to a Korean chaebol, Jaesun, and Ana, a Mexican American entrepreneur whose love is pushed to the limits. Lined with the spirit of the two cultures, the series features a rich original music score that integrates K-Pop, Reggaeton, Pop Ballads, Latin Trap, and of course, Noraebang (karaoke for the uninitiated).

Helmed in part by Camila Victoriano, one of the youngest Latina media executives, Sonoro represents the future of media. Creators, talent and investors alike seek out Sonoro for its premium quality content and unrivaled new perspective that begins in audio and comes to life in TV and film. Sonoro amplifies diverse and often overlooked voices that connect with a global consumer. They do so by collaborating with leading and emerging Latinx storytellers – writers, producers, and directors – from around the world to single handedly develop and produce original franchises in English, Spanish, and Spanglish.

The Mash-Up Americans produces unparalleled original content on multiple platforms as well as chart topping podcasts for entertainment companies, major tech firms, world-changing social justice organizers, including Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine (#1 in the US), Peloton (#1 in fitness), Rainn Wilson, and many others. A woman-owned company, founded and led by radio and business veteran Rebecca Lehrer and editorial director Amy S. Choi, The Mash-Up Americans works to reveal and re-center voices of the future by producing culturally rich and multidimensional stories that are critically important to push progressive causes forward. 

Sonoro and The Mash-Up Americans worked hand-in-hand to produce the series from creative development, writing, directing and production. This is their first collaboration and the end result is incredible.

Sonoro’s unique approach has led to multiple #1 hits, including the Toxicomanía: El Experimento Mexicano podcast, which is being adapted as a film for Paramount+, the Tejana podcast starring and executive produced by Stephanie Beatriz (the 2022 ‘Best Fiction’ Ambie Winner and currently being developed for television), the Crónicas Obscuras podcast (#1 horror franchise), Princess of South Beach (#1 show in iHeartRadio’s MyCultura Network) and Ídolo: The Ballad of Chalino (#1 in Mexico and Top 10 in US). Founded in 2020, Sonoro is backed by some of the most notable names in media including investors Lerer Hippeau, Greycroft & Alan Patricof and the Founder Collective.

Much more to come from Sonoro and The Mash-Up Americans soon.

“I am so excited to be a part of ‘Love & Noraebang’, a show that blends two of our world’s most beloved TV formats: the K-drama and the telenovela. It was energizing to work on a project with such a diverse and creative team. I can’t wait for audiences to hear the city of L.A. tell Ana and Jaesun’s love story.” 

Randall Park on Love & Noraebang

“Sonoro remains at the forefront of pioneering global content and what we have accomplished with ‘Love & Noraebang’ has never been seen before. We wanted to partner with the best in the space to drive our mission forward. Together with The Mash Up Americans, we were able to tell a joyful, multicultural love story inspired by two widely successful formats — the K-drama and the telenovela. We brought together an all-star cast that recorded from three different countries and a 100% Latinx and Asian-American team that came together to create a story that can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere in the world.”

Camila Victoriano, Co-Founder of Sonoro

“The Mash-Up Americans is thrilled to partner with Sonoro in telling a truly 21st century American love story – a story celebrating the intersection of cultures that is increasingly the present – and absolutely the future – of American life. For us, a love story between millennial Latinos and Asians in Los Angeles is as American as a burrito from El Tepeyac or late nights at karaoke. It’s the story we are living and the story we’re hungry to hear and see, especially during these challenging times.”

Rebecca Lehrer, CEO of The Mash-Up Americans


Love & Noraebang is produced by Sonoro and The Mash-Up Americans

Executive produced by Camila Victoriano and Joshua Weinstein, for Sonoro, and Amy S. Choi and Rebecca Lehrer for The Mash-Up Americans


Narrator – Randall Park

Ana – Francia Raisa

Jaesun – Justin H. Min

Chloe – Julia Cho

Valentina – Emily Tosta

Sookmin – June Yoon

Mark – Rafael Torres


Directors – Amy S. Choi and Rebecca Lehrer

Writers – Quincy Cho and Anthony Aguilar

Supervising Producer – Sofía de Antuñano

Project Manager – Shelby Sandlin

Post Production Supervisor – Israel Perez

Story Editor – Amy S. Choi & Rebecca Lehrer

Script Coordinator – Paola Estrada

Casting – Natalie Ballesteros, Alan Luna, Michelle Adams, Camila Victoriano, Amy S. Choi & Rebecca Lehrer

Audio Engineer – Meni Bulnes 

Dialogue Editor – Daniel Padilla

Sound Designer and Foley Artist – Meni Bulnes

Music Editor – Laura Cruz

Orchestration & Score – Laura Cruz

Assembly & Mixdown – Meni Bulnes


Vocals – Laura Cruz & Jen Kwok 

Additional Production – Jen Kwok & Jody Shelton

Mastering – Alex de Winter  







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