Sonoro premieres “Cassettes” a psychological thriller starring and co-produced by Martha Higareda

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MEXICO CITY, MAY 30, 2023.- Sonoro announces the release of a new psychological thriller starring and co-produced by Mexican actress Martha Higareda, created in collaboration with Mexican screenwriter Camila Ibarra (The Club on Netflix and The Instant from Sonoro). This podcast is Martha Higareda’s first project as an actress in an audio series production, where she shares credits with Patricia Manterola (Lady of Steel), Odiseo Bichir (Burning Fire) and Mariana Palacios (The Wedding Dress).

Under the production and creative direction of Sonoro, Cassettes is not only a psychological thriller about ghosts that linger for generations through family trauma, but it will also be an immersive and auditive experience that listeners will enjoy. Once again, Sonoro demonstrates their excellence in crafting captivating horror and thriller genres.

Cassettes focuses on the most complicated year in Ana’s life (Martha Higareda); she lost her job because she has been caring full time for her mom Teresa, who dies after a long battle with a rare and complicated disease. As if that weren’t enough, Ana receives news about her father’s death, Rodolfo (Odiseo Bichir), who she doesn’t remember, because he was sent to jail for trying to kill her mother when she was only five years old. Ana finds out her dad has left her a house with many objects, including a huge amount of cassettes and she will discover that you can’t truly bury the past and that there are legacies you cannot escape from.

All this causes a huge impact on Ana’s mental health and her boyfriend, Diego (Mariano Palacios), bewildered by her behavior, helps her seek therapy.

“Ana is always bordering between being a sane person or maybe having a mental issue. This podcast is frightening, it’s a podcast full of mystery that will keep you at the edge of your seat.”

Martha Higareda, lead actress in Cassettes.

Cassettes is a production specially designed to create horror spaces and bone chilling sound scenes, written by Camila Ibarra, screenwriter, showrunner and Mexican director. She created, directed and wrote the Netflix series “The Club”, the podcast original “The Instant” for Sonoro, she wrote two episodes for the series Dynamo “Bad Fortune” from Amazon, the series “Cualquier Parecido” from Argos for VIACOM, among others. With the help of the creative team that have been nominated for the Onda awards for  “Magical City” (another podcast from the Sonoro network) in the sound design category, this new launch, is the sum of successes that the Sonoro team have produced; Cuba 58, The Last Grand Prize, NIght Chronicles, Toxicomania: The Mexican Experiment starring Luis Gerardo Mendez which is being adapted as a movie for Paramount+, among others.

The complete series will be available starting June 6, 2023 on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or any other streaming platform.

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