Conversations That Matter: Tamarindo Podcast Speaks to Our Community!

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Tamarindo is a lighthearted show where hosts Brenda Gonzalez and Ana Sheila Victorino discuss politics, culture, and self-development.

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JaiMexicano , 09/25/2023
Informative and Entertaining
I love the positive, uplifting vibe that Brenda & Sheila bring in every new episode. They seem to love supporting folks from their communities and sharing info.

At the intersection of advocacy and self-care, they’re real, raw, and use a mix of personal reflections and interviews to amplify important issues and voices that inspire action.

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Bvgmf , 09/15/2023
Love this podcast. Refreshing perspective on important issues in the Latinx community. Feel like I’m part of a concession with the older sisters I never had.

Through their infectious levity, Ana Sheila and Brenda inform, inspire, and impact our community. Join them on a journey through discussions on identity, race, gender, representation, and the ups and downs of life.

✨ It’s a podcast that not only sparks critical conversations but also provides a soothing space for reflection in the midst of life’s chaos.

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Jess;D , 05/19/2023
Love love love!!!
Ana Sheila and Brenda are always a breath of fresh air. I love how they tackle touchy subjects tastefully and insightfully, and I always find myself cheering for their matracas. These women are intelligent, relatable, and I always learn something new from them and their guests.

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